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Unistrut is the registered brand of channel framing ("strut") manufactured by Atkore International. It is the original strut invented by Charles Attwood in 1924 as a solution for a wall framing system that would work with a common 2X4 wood stud which is 1-5/8" thick.

The Mr. Strut character was personally created for Charles Atwood in 1957 by a friend of his, Walt Disney. A short animated film was even created by Disney Studios, narrated by Mr. Strut, as he wandered around "Unistrut City."

Today, Unistrut is the most recognized and specified brand of channel framing in the world. Other manufacturers have copied it, some of which are also high-quality, but there are strut products in the marketplace that do not meet the very high standards and quality control that Unistrut has developed.

Unistrut is also approved for nuclear-facility applications and is fully traceable due to its lot-controlled markings on each length of strut.

In 2002, Unistrut became an authorized master distributor of the seismic-fitting system SPF (Seismic Pivot Fittings) that was developed and patented by its largest US distributor, Lord & Sons, Inc.

Also in June of 2002 Unistrut ceased selling its products directly and authorized certain distributors across the country to carry and promote their product line. Their business on the West Coast was placed in the capable hands of Lord & Sons, Inc. which has grown to be the largest single distributor of Unistrut products in the United States.

Lord & Sons, Inc. has furthered its marketing efforts with this brand of channel framing by developing its own internal Engineering Department that was developed to assist customer with engineering solutions and promote the Unistrut© brand particularly in seismic applications.


Lord & Sons, Inc. was founded in San Jose, California, in 1971. The Company began as a distributor of construction fasteners, specializing in structural steel-frame bolting. Within a few years, Lord & Sons began its own fabrication department, manufacturing a variety of threaded-rod products that it continues to produce today. Lord & Sons has grown to a multi-branch organization spanning throughout California and Arizona supplying customers in the western United States and beyond.

The Company's offering of products has since expanded beyond its complete spectrum of threaded fasteners in carbon, alloy and non-ferrous materials. Lord & Sons is now a major multiple-line brand-name distributor of many product lines. These lines include firestop products, channel framing and fittings, safety products, jobsite supplies and accesories for industry and construction requirements.

Lord & Sons, Inc. mission statement is to provide superior customer service and quality products.