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Engineering Services

unistrut engineering We offer engineering and seismic-bracing solutions to electrical, mechanical, sprinkler and HVAC contractors via our own internal Engineering Department as a support function of our product sales. From product selection to comprehensive designs, calculations or stamped drawings (PE or SE), we offer project solutions for all your non-structural seismic bracing and equipment-mounting requirements. In situations where an engineering firm services and/or stamps are required, we offer those third-party services on a cost-effective basis.

Engineering Services:

  • Project take-offs and pre-planning
  • Structural review of your design
  • Detailing and design of bracing systems ~ strut, cable, single hanger, trapeze
  • Calculations and PE or SE stamping (most states)
  • Seismic retrofit of existing mechanical, electrical, HVAC, sprinkler utilities
  • Shop drawings
  • Customized pre-packaged kits for installation
  • Custom fabbrication for unique applications
  • Solar panel supports
  • Jobsite support (California)
For additional information, you may contact us at: Email: unistrutsales@lordandsons.com 1-800-468-3791